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Manage Your Key to Capital

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Your credit score is a vital asset in the marketplace – it will determine the interest rate you pay, your ability to borrow for personal or business needs, your ability to rent residential or commercial space, AND may impact employment opportunities.

Do you take the time each quarter to make certain that your credit score is as high as it can be? Read more »

I am retiring soon, what should I do?

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Issues challenging you on the job?

This column is being introduced for PMI-VI Chapter members to ask a question that is challenging them in their job. You are welcome to use your name or remain anonymous.

For our inaugural issue we have the following question:

I am retiring soon, what should I do?


Dear Leaving:

Enjoy yourself! No more impossible deadlines, lack of funding, inadequate resources and demanding, unreasonable customers.

Many people find retirement to be very stressful because their daily pattern has been disrupted, they no longer have a purpose and they don’t what to do with their time. The first question to ask yourself is if and how you want to keep utilizing your project management skills. It is valid to say No and find something else. I, for instance, have become a professional stock trader and work with this chapter – so a bit of both.

If you are not looking for additional sources of income there are many volunteer organizations that can benefit from a project manager’s expertise. They probably don’t even realize that a lot of what they do constitutes a project and wonder why they fail at what they are trying to do. Contact your local charities (Red Cross, Salvation Army, schools, etc.) and service clubs like the Lions, Rotary Club, etc.

If you need or would like to generate some extra money then you can take the traditional route of becoming a contract project manager and there are many organizations (head hunters) that you can approach. However, an article I recently read from Australia identifies that there is a shortage of PM expertise as more and more PM’s retire. Project Managers with less experience may need the assistance of people like yourself with more expertise. Consider promoting yourself as a Project Management Coach, maybe even team up with others you know.

Whatever you do, retire from your job, not your life.

PM Guru

Send your questions to:

An Up-Island Perspective

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Most people seem to think that civilization and skilled professionals on Vancouver Island end at the Malahat! Well OK, maybe I am being a little harsh! But honestly, Mill Bay seems to be the limit in most people’s imagination for highly skilled individuals. Read more »

Project: Beer Can Chicken on the BBQ – 2 to 4 servings

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Sponsor – host
Key stakeholders – family and friends Read more »

Member Spotlight

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Since November 2009, there are 44 new chapter members and 20 new PMPs.

We would like to welcome and congratulate the following people for joining our chapter or becoming PMPs! Read more »

How to Prepare for your PMP or CAPM Certification

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You have been a project management practitioner for many years. Now, you have decided you want to move one step ahead in your career and obtain one of the most prestigious designations in the business world. What do you do? Read more »

CAPM Perspective

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I am one of the few Certified Associate in Project Management credential holders on the island. Why did I do my CAPM instead of my PMP? Has the CAPM been an asset in my ongoing career development? Do I intend to write my PMP? Read on to find out. Read more »

Higher Learning in Project Management

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Some said Project Management was just the latest management fad that would come and go. The evidence to date suggests those naysayers were just plain wrong. While project management’s value proposition has arguably plateaued, project management is far from a fad. What fad would have over half a million PMI members and credential holders in 185 countries? Read more »

Choose to be a Project Manager

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Not sure what to do when you grow up? Are you at a crossroads? In our professional lives we are faced with so many choices! Regardless of your stage of life or the phase of your career path, if you are discovering the project management field, ask questions and learn more! In the modern workplace, effective implementation of both the art and the science of project management is critical in a broad range of private and public sector settings. Take a proactive approach and consider project management studies; build your skills and expand your knowledge. Read more »

I am a Project Manager

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Hello there, my name is Scott Hutchinson and I am a Project Manager. In my mind, being a project manager gets ingrained in our lives and souls in the same way that we were all reminded during the Winter Olympics that we are Canadian. Read more »