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Meet our Whitehorse Committee!

by Communications Director - September 7, 2017 | No Comments

Hello from the Yukon! 

Charles Shewen, PMP

Gary Seed

Gary Seed, PMP


As you may know, we in the Yukon have recently established a connection to the PMI-VI chapter and are now participating as a Board Support Committee. These are made up of individuals who support the work of the Board of Directors in specific areas and are held accountable as defined in individual charters.

We’re writing this in beautiful downtown Whitehorse, the capital of Yukon Territory. With a population of approximately 25,000, it is home to Project Managers from many different disciplines.  Over the past few years we’ve held “town hall” meetings with local Project Managers to assess interest in partnering with a PMI chapter to develop our collective project management skills. With 65 in attendance at our last meeting, it seems there is!

We reached out to PMI Global who connected us with, at the time, Chapter President Adrienne. After connecting over many emails and calls, the board welcomed us, Charles and Gary, as a ‘Yukon Committee.’ This means that Yukoners can now participate as members of your Chapter, all the way from Yukon. We were welcomed with open arms as the Chapter encouraged our participation by testing various innovative communication tools like video conferencing, so we could remotely join in meetings. We are very excited to be able to participate in Chapter Dinners with the live-streaming that is now being offered.

Our hope is to tap into the great work being done by our Chapter and share it with our project management community. With an eye on local development opportunities for Project Managers as well as learning from other initiatives including Mentorship, Outreach and Chapter Organization.  We plan to attend Chapter Events on-line and to host Lunch ‘n Learn sessions in Whitehorse.  Formal and informal training is part of the overall plan.  We’ll share more initiatives and plans as they become finalized.  The Yukon Committee is now working hard to make the Yukon Project Managers aware of our partnership with PMI-VI, and looking for ways to connect.

Thank you to the Board for your enthusiasm in including Yukoners. It means a lot to be able to participate with a group of Project Management Professionals from our home in the North. In working closely with the Board, we look forward to connecting, learning, and growing on this new adventure.

Yukon mountains from the train