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Nominations & Elections

Here are the details for the Elections 2018/19 year

This page contains general details regarding the elections process for the Board of Directors. 

Which positions are open for election?

All board positions are either a 1 or 2 year commitment, with approximately half of the board positions changing each year. A two-year commitment is preferred, however, the chapter acknowledges that life can be unpredictable, so one year is acceptable.

The Vice President (President Elect) position is the only 3 year commitment on the Board. After serving one year as Vice-President, they then assume the role of President in the subsequent year, with the outgoing President becoming the Past President.  This is to allow for a transfer of knowledge and mentoring to occur in order to provide the best value for our members.

Elections for open board positions close 10 days prior to the Annual General Meeting via electronic voting. The operating year is July 1 to June 30. New positions are effective July 1 each year.

For more information on the individual board Roles and Responsibilities please refer to the previous link.

Who can run?

Any PMI-VI member in good standing at the time of the election is eligible to be nominated and sit on the Board. All members are encouraged to consider running for a Director position. It is also encouraged that those wishing to be on the Executive serve at least one term in a Director position prior to being nominated, however this is not required.

Nominations to the Board of Directors

The Chair of the Nominating Committee will call for nominations to open board positions, by sending an email to all members. Nominations will also be communicated in our monthly newsletter and on our social media channels.

Nominations will be accepted up until two weeks before elections. Nominees must be prepared to provide personal information that will be published on the website for review by all members. Nominees to an Executive position must declare which position is being sought in their application.  Nominees to a Director position need not declare which portfolio is being sought, however it is strongly encouraged to allow for an adequate fit.

Who can vote?

Any PMI-VI member whose Chapter membership* is in good standing. Voting is electronic and is completed before the AGM. Proxy voting and advance voting is not permitted. Student members are not eligible to vote.

Election Process

  • The executive positions of  Secretary, Treasurer and Vice President (President Elect) are open each year
  • All open Executive and Director positions are elected by majority vote
  • Should fewer or the same number of eligible candidates run than there are open positions, those candidates will be declared elected by acclamation
  • Should open positions remain, the President will subsequently select and present a suitable candidate to the Board for appointment to the position until the next election can occur.


* Membership status is determined by the PMI Global Operations Centre chapter membership list. Chapter membership is additional to the general PMI membership. New memberships, or renewals, can take a few days to process and appear on the list, so please ensure your Chapter membership is active at least 1 week prior to Elections.