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Communications Director

The Communications Director is responsible for the timely dissemination of information both to Chapter membership and other external relevant parties.

Moreover, the Director is also responsible to the Officers and other Directors and members to develop and execute a Board approved Communications Strategic Plan. The content of the plan is to be consistent and in accordance with the strategic objectives of the Chapter and will be accomplished with the guidance of the PMI-VI Board of Directors and Executives.

Key Responsibilities

  • Development and documentation of an ongoing Communications Portfolio Strategic Plan.
  • Drafting, providing input and reviewing of all external Chapter communiqués or messages, for consistency and compliance with Chapter’s communications standards. For instance, preparing the draft text of Chapter notices for the various Chapter events and/or activities (dinner events, professional development events, special events, mentorship program, etc.) Another example, reviewing with Public Relations the content and messaging of stationery and printed materials.
  • Notifying the membership not less than 14 days prior to all scheduled general Chapter meetings, their location, date and subject matter. This includes all other Chapter business which requires the distribution of information to the membership (e.g. special meeting(s) called by the President or Board, and all calls for nominations prior to an election).
  • Notifying the membership and other interested parties of regularly scheduled Chapter events (dinner or lunch events for instance), professional development events, or any other special events and activities promoted or supported by the Chapter.
  • The maintenance of the Chapter website, including the provision of changes to the webmaster.
  • Maintaining and posting of content on the Chapter’s website, such as: Chapter meetings, special events, and activities, professional development events, etc.
  • Determine and use appropriate notification mechanism for external communications, such as; regular mail, e-mail, fax, Chapter website, social media, printed media, etc.
  • The submission of regular information of Chapter activities for publication in the PMI Today periodical (subject to the availability of volunteers and pertinent information).
  • The maintenance  of the Chapter’s Contact List (emails and addresses) of members and nonmembers in partnership with the Director of Membership.
  • Manage the publication of the Chapter’s newsletter.
  • Create  new and/or update existing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Policies pertinent to the Communications portfolio (as necessary and identified in the Communications Strategic Plan).

Length of Appointment

  • A 2 year commitment.

Time Commitment

Approximately 25 to 35 hours per month.

  • Attends Board meetings each month
  • Attends dinner meetings (5 per year)
  • Execute responsibilities of position and other related duties

Qualifications and Skills

  • Excellent writing and communications skills.
  • Public speaking and presentation skills.
  • Technical knowledge of modern communications technologies and tools highly desired (Content Management systems – website, web 2.0 communication models, etc.).
  • Knowledge of marketing concepts and setting up marketing campaigns using modern marketing tools, such as email marketing tools.
  • Communications, Marketing or Public Relations background an asset.
  • PMI and PMI-VI Chapter member in good standing.
  • CAPM, PMP or other professional designation preferred although not required.