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Outreach Director

The Director of Outreach is responsible to the Officers and other Directors and members to develop and execute a Board approved Outreach Plan that creates continued awareness of the PMI Vancouver Island Chapter throughout the community. The content of the plan is to be consistent and in accordance with the strategic objectives of the Chapter and will be accomplished with the guidance of the PMI-VI BOD and Executive.

Key Responsibilities

  • Development and documentation of an ongoing Outreach program.
  • Developing and administering an Outreach Budget in conjunction with the Treasurer.
  • Developing all Outreach activities and presentations as required for Chapter activities and events.
  • Undertaking an active search for external promotional opportunities (e.g. other professional organizations).
  • Soliciting sponsorship for the Chapter (e.g. events and website) in collaboration with other Directors as appropriate.
  • Invoicing and collecting fees for sponsorships and paid advertisements in conjunction with the duties of the Treasurer.
  • Public Relations for the Chapter (to local, provincial and national, organizations and businesses) as venue for advertising and sponsorship and membership.
  • Developing Outreach material for use in creating awareness and attracting sponsors and members.
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with and records of, existing and potential sponsors.
  • Actively promoting the Chapter wherever and whenever possible.

Length of Appointment

  • A 2 year commitment.

Time Commitment

Approximately 20 hours per month.

  • Attends Board meetings each month
  • Attends dinner meetings (5 per year)
  • Execute responsibilities of position and other related duties

Qualifications and Skills

  • PMI  and PMI-VI Chapter member in good standing
  • CAPM, PMP or other professional designation preferred although not required
  • Marketing or Public Relations background an asset
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Negotiation skills