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The Treasurer is responsible to the Officers and Directors of the Board, and the Chapter membership at large, to develop and execute Board-approved financial plans and management procedures that ensure the financial sustainability of the Chapter. Financial plans, and the Treasurer’s annual action plan, will be consistent with the strategic objectives of the Chapter, and will be accomplished in collaboration with the PMI-VI Board executive.

Key Responsibilities

  • Liaising with the accounting firm engaged to provide technical support and advice, assume full responsibility for the management of funds and financial transactions for PMI-VI.
  • Ensure the appropriate internal controls and transaction procedures are in place to protect the Chapter’s financial resources.
  • Report out to the Board on the Chapter’s financial status on a quarterly basis.
  • Oversee the year-end financial close, and prepare a report to the membership at large, for presentation at the annual general meeting.
  • Assume additional responsibilities as described in the Chapter strategic plan, policy documents, or standard operating procedures documented for the treasurer’s portfolio.
  • Actively promote the Chapter wherever and whenever possible.

Length of Appointment

  • One-year commitment.

Time Commitment

Approximately 15 to 20 hours per month.

  • Preparation/participation in monthly board meetings.
  • Preparation/participation in executive meetings as convened by the President.
  • Participation in chapter bi-monthly dinner meetings (five per year) as part of the event logistics team, and through interaction with the membership at large.
  • On as as-needed basis, liaison with internal and external stakeholders in order to effectively execute the responsibilities of the Treasurer’s portfolio.
  • Additional project work as assigned by the executive

Qualifications and Skills

  • Basic accounting skills and financial literacy – defined as having the ability to read and understand financial statements of a complexity comparable to those of the Chapter.
  • Well-developed, effective communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong administrative skills, including budget management, records and transaction management.
  • The ability to think strategically, within a general frame of reference, assessing priorities and operational requirements in light of the Chapter’s goals and initiatives.
  • Member of PMI-VI in good standing.
  • Project Management credential would be an asset.