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Elections 2018

by Communications Director - April 15, 2018 at 10:33 | No Comments

Here are the details regarding the 2018 election process for PMI-VI Board of Directors.

Board Positions Open for Election

There are a total of 8 Director positions and 3 Executive positions on our Board.

Under our bylaws, those who are elected as a Director will be assigned a specific portfolio by the President. In order to facilitate a good match we encourage applicants to identify the portfolio in which they are interested. Roles, responsibilities and qualifications for each portfolio are listed below.

Those hoping to be voted into Executive positions are asked to declare the position for which they are running in their application and will be listed as candidates for that position in election communications.

More information can be found here

Executive positions:

  • Treasurer (1 year term commitment) – position details »
  • Secretary (1 year term commitment) – position details »
  • Vice President(President Elect) (3 year commitment – the Vice President position is for one year with a commitment to follow on to President and Past President for a total of a 3 year commitment) –  position details »

Director positions – 2 year term each:


Please see the roles, responsibilities and qualifications for each position.


  • Learn and improve leadership skills
  • Contribute to your community and the project management profession
  • Earn PDUs
  • Network

Nominations – What do I need to do?

The Nomination Committee consists of the President, Past President, and Vice President.

Send nominations to the Chair of the Nomination Committee with a Subject line of Nominations for PMI-VI BOD 2018. In the body of the e-mail please specify the Position (Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, or Director), the name of the person being nominated (it can be yourself or somebody else), and the preferred portfolio (if applicable).

You may copy and paste the following into the nomination e-mail:

I hereby nominate NAME_OF_NOMINEE for the position of Vice President / Treasurer / Secretary / Director with an interest in the NAME_OF_PORTFOLIO portfolio.

Nomination Screening

A representative from the Nomination Committee will arrange a personal or phone interview with candidates so that the nature of the commitment can be further clarified and personal suitability can be evaluated.

Nominations will be accepted until the closing date listed below.


Once your nomination has been accepted, you will be asked to submit a biography and photo to be posted on our website for members to review before voting, if voting is necessary. No vote will be required if the number of applications is equal to or less than the available positions.

Check back frequently for further updates and interested candidates.


Apr 16 – May 12 Nominations Open. Nominations accepted via e-mail and posted on Chapter web site.
May 12 Nominations closed.
May 13 Start election (electronic voting) – if required
May 20 End election (last voting day) – if required
May 30 Annual General Meeting (AGM) – Announce Election Results
July 1 New Board begins

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