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Blast from the Past

by admin - February 17, 2011 | No Comments

Yesterday, February 1, I informed the Board of Directors of your Chapter that I can longer participate on the Board.  Having left Vancouver Island for a snow-bird combination of living in Ontario and Florida – and – being intensely involved in a new venture in no way related to project management, I find that I cannot effectively continue to contribute to the Chapter. Read more »

View from a Distance and Past President

by admin - November 18, 2010 | No Comments

Although I have moved from the Island, I am still very active with the board communicating regularly by e-mail and monthly on a conference call with the board. Being a little more removed now, I see how much of a challenge and great experience it is to be an active member of the board. Read more »

Views from the Past President

by admin - September 16, 2010 | No Comments

I originally joined the chapter in mid-2007 and was acclaimed as Treasurer in 2008 and elected as Vice President in 2009. The normal flow of becoming President in January 2010 was altered when the board decided to change our operating year to start on July 1 instead of January 1. This would have seen me become President on July 1, 2010. However then-President Scott Hutchinson stepped down in May 2010 when he moved to the interior of BC. This moved me into the role as President two months early with the intent of staying on until July of 2011. But not to be outdone by Scott moving within BC, my wife and I decided to move back East, splitting our time between Florida, where there is actually sun and warmth during the winter, and spending the summer in the lake district of Ontario closer to our families. This resulted in my stepping down after only two months as President and Janice Christenson taking on the role. Read more »

Higher Learning in Project Management

by admin - April 29, 2010 | No Comments

Some said Project Management was just the latest management fad that would come and go. The evidence to date suggests those naysayers were just plain wrong. While project management’s value proposition has arguably plateaued, project management is far from a fad. What fad would have over half a million PMI members and credential holders in 185 countries? Read more »