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I am retiring soon, what should I do?

by admin - April 29, 2010 | No Comments

Issues challenging you on the job?

This column is being introduced for PMI-VI Chapter members to ask a question that is challenging them in their job. You are welcome to use your name or remain anonymous.

For our inaugural issue we have the following question:

I am retiring soon, what should I do?


Dear Leaving:

Enjoy yourself! No more impossible deadlines, lack of funding, inadequate resources and demanding, unreasonable customers.

Many people find retirement to be very stressful because their daily pattern has been disrupted, they no longer have a purpose and they don’t what to do with their time. The first question to ask yourself is if and how you want to keep utilizing your project management skills. It is valid to say No and find something else. I, for instance, have become a professional stock trader and work with this chapter – so a bit of both.

If you are not looking for additional sources of income there are many volunteer organizations that can benefit from a project manager’s expertise. They probably don’t even realize that a lot of what they do constitutes a project and wonder why they fail at what they are trying to do. Contact your local charities (Red Cross, Salvation Army, schools, etc.) and service clubs like the Lions, Rotary Club, etc.

If you need or would like to generate some extra money then you can take the traditional route of becoming a contract project manager and there are many organizations (head hunters) that you can approach. However, an article I recently read from Australia identifies that there is a shortage of PM expertise as more and more PM’s retire. Project Managers with less experience may need the assistance of people like yourself with more expertise. Consider promoting yourself as a Project Management Coach, maybe even team up with others you know.

Whatever you do, retire from your job, not your life.

PM Guru

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