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Article Contributions Guidelines

This page contains guidelines for submitting articles to the Discover PMI-VI newsletter.  PMI-VI Members can submit any item for consideration for publication and are encouraged to send news, announcements, accomplishments, and articles.

Think. Write. Submit.

Acceptable Content and Topics

Some examples of the acceptable topics for articles are:

  • Local success/failure stories from the Island. One main intent of the newsletter is to be a venue for sharing Project Management related stories of local nature, that happen on the Island. So, if you have been part, or know, of any success or failure stories that are Project Management related that you would like to share, we are listening.
  • Lesson learned from real life projects. If you have a story rooted into a real life project that teaches a great lesson, why not write an article and share it.
  • Articles on topics that fit under the current columns of the newsletter.
  • Certain articles of scholarly nature are also welcomed.

Unacceptable Content

Advertorial articles are not acceptable.

Formatting requirements


The content of the articles must be in a format that allows editing (For example formats such as, Plain Text, MS Word, etc., are acceptable, while PDF files or graphical image files are not).

All content/articles must be print ready (spelling and grammar verified).  Ideally, the article length should not exceed 1000 words. Articles should not be previously published; or, it previously published you must have the rights to re-publish it in the Chapter Newsletter.

An optional short biography of the author, with contact information, may be included.  The author’s biography should not exceed 100 words.

Photos and Graphics

We prefer JPEG or TIFF files that are at least 72 dpi.  We also accept GIF files and lower resolution if they are very sharp and clear.  Graphics should be 300 dpi.

Submission due dates

To be included in a particular issue, an article must be submitted for review through email at by the submission due date as indicated in the following table:

Issue Issue Publishing Date Article Submission Due Date
Issue 3, 2010 Thu. Nov 18, 2010 Sun. Oct 31, 2010
Issue 1, 2011 Thu. Feb 17, 2011 Mon. Jan 31, 2011
Issue 2, 2011 Thu. Apr 21, 2011 Thu. Mar 31, 2011


Articles must be submitted for review through email at by the submission due date.